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It's Christmastime in Wonderland, and the Queen wants to sing a song at her Elegant, Royal, Spectaculish Victoriana Majest-i-fabulous Christmas Party. But the words and music are missing, and heads are going to roll! The White Rabbit brings Alice back to Wonderland to save his ears and Christmas!

In an abandoned, broken-down toy shoppe, four leftover toys hope to be chosen by children and have the thing they want most of all: a family. As the months go by, they wonder if they’ll ever be accepted for who they are. 

When a lone woodsman named Nicholas and his dog Stella rescue a fairy from a cold prank by the mischievous Jack Frost, they don't realize they've opened up a whole new world, kindling the wrath of the Wicked Winter Witch!

WHAT is the Jacksonville Christmas Spectacular?

The Jacksonville Christmas Spectacular is an evening of holiday entertainment with THREE unique, magical stories in one night! Created by producer Jason Woods, it features hilarious characters, heartwarming stories, and holiday surprises, including the amazing Jacksonville Jaguars Drumline, for some festive, percussive fun. The Jacksonville Christmas Spectacular is the start of a new holiday tradition, perfect for families and only in Jacksonville!

WHEN & WHERE can I see the show?

The Jacksonville Christmas Spectacular will take place Saturday, December 2nd, at 2:00 p.m. Tickets on sale soon!

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