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"Last night I was witness to a master class in acting. One man, embodying multiple characters in rapid succession, managed to recreate the world of Charles Dickens and Ebenezer Scrooge on an almost bare stage with shockingly flawless precision. Each of the author's numerous characters was presented with fully realized individuality, startling nuance, and rich humanity. This production belongs on a much larger stage, in a much larger and more appreciative market."

- Joshua Taylor, Metro Jacksonville

"This man is a master director, just in case being a master writer, composer, musician, and scene designer weren't enough...seriously, keep your eye on this talented quadruple threat."

- Diane Brunet-Garcia, Brunet-Garcia Advertising

"Jason Woods is without a doubt one of the best things to happen to the theatre offerings of Jacksonville since Michael Emerson. I just got out of his wholly amazing production of A Christmas Carol and I rarely say this kind of thing, but it is an honor simply to have this man working amongst us. Wow."

- Stephen Dare, Publisher, Metro Jacksonville 

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